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A combination of experience, qualification & competence makes all the difference and… EGL your best option.

The sentence: “We need to determine the contract terms” has very different implications if you are a Lawyer, in the ‘Operations Dept’ or a Salesperson. Web browser tools and translation software don’t understand the subtle nuance and varying meanings between many fine words. EGL does… and ensures that you and your clients do too.

We network internally to share expertise as well as knowledge and follow a rigorous Proof Reading process using only skilled ‘Native Speakers’ to oversee and approve the final results of your text copy and documents.

Barbara Beucker

“I revel in the combination of acquiring, sharing and passing on knowledge, which I attain through avid reading. Literature and words are like personal friends to me and I am passionate about clear text with expression and comprehensibility. Working as a trainer – in Latin, German & English – with students of different nationalities and from varying professions, has been an invaluable experience for me in being able to spontaneously use an extensive vocabulary in more than just one language”.

CV & Experience

Date of birth: 1964 (Germany)

1984-1994 University of Cologne- Masters Degree: Germanistics, Latin, Philosophy
Gap Years: European Travel, UK and Middle-East (Iran/Iraq)
1994-1999 RTL Television (Köln) Producers PA/Editors Assistant “Extra” TV Magazine Programme
1999-2000 FTI Touristik (The Gambia W.A) Assistant General Manager
2000-2002 Mother & Housewife
2002-2014 Private Language Tutor (UK-Germany): Latin, German, English – Pedagogic Studies.  Translator: German/English   English/German
INTESOL Qualified English Teacher
Interests: Sports – Literature – Current Affairs – Psychology

Greg Scutt

“I consider myself fortunate to have experienced a diverse range of different business types. My interaction at the design, sales and management stages of various projects (incl. accounting and legal functions of owned businesses) has enabled me to master the verbal skills required in different working positions. I communicate freely, from an informed viewpoint and by means of authority at ‘shop floor’, management or boardroom level and deliver this to as well as for and on behalf of clients during presentations or language training”.

CV & Experience

Date of birth: 1957 (England)

1974-1981 BP Oil Tanker Fleet – Navigation Officer Apprenticeship (4 yrs) 3rd Officer and then 2nd Officer (50+ countries visited worldwide)
1981-1983 Freelance Sales Manager (UK) – Fire Protection and Safety Equipment
1983-1985 GEC Group (UK) – Technical Sales of Telecommunication, Fire and Security Systems
1985-1998 Managing Director (own business UK) – Electrical Systems, Heating and Plumbing – Small Building Works, Shopfitting and associated manufacturing operations. Clients: SeaLife Centres, Deutsche Bank (London), Lloyds Bank, Wiggins Teape (Paper Mills), RAF (High Wycombe), Sea Containers Ltd, RFU (Twickenham Stadium), Fuji TV, US Navy, Co-Operative Societies, Atlantic PLC, Q8 Oil.
1998-2000 Freelance Project Management (The Gambia W.A) – Construction and Property Development: Palm Grove Hotel, Wright Construction Ltd, Medical Research Council (MRC)
1994-2000 The Gambia – Managing Director (own business) – Sales, Promotion & Event Management, Clients: Standard Chartered Bank, Airtours, Thomsons, Neckermann, FTI Touristik, Ministry of Tourism, Monarch Airlines, GCAA, DHL, KPMG, Ernst & Young.
2000-2014 Freelance Project Consultancy (Germany-UK)- Construction and Property Development: Various Nursing Homes, Apartment Blocks, Industrial Estates and other Buildings. Consultancy for Technical/Sales – Translation: Redbloc Austria & UK, Wolf Thermo-Module GmbH. Wortmann & Scheerer GbR, Cretschmar Cargo, TimoCom Software, TRP (Tax & Law Consultants), Wuppertal Institute, City of Ansfelden (Austria) – English Language Trainer/Lecturer: University of Applied Sciences (Mettmann), Wallraff Electrical Wholesale, Walther Trowal
Interests: Music/Song (Composition/Production) – Methods of Modern Construction (MMC) with particular reference to Eco-Energy efficiency and Passiv-Haus optimisation.

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