A selection of our clients. References available upon request.
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University of Applied Sciences (Mettmann) – Lecturer (Business English) 2011– 2013

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy –
Proofreading/Translation/Language Training

"...has always worked within the required time frames on all occasions, even when urgent or on short notice, and it has been an effective relationship for the Institute, in all aspects.” President – Prof. Uwe Schneidewind

City of Ansfelden (Austria) – Translation of Documents and Speeches (English and German)

“...a speedy and prompt support… the professional representation was appreciated and acknowledged by our [city’s] visitors and may I express, therefore, my personal gratitude as well as the thanks of the entire local community from the city of Ansfelden…” City Mayor – Manfred Baumberger

Logistics, Haulage & Shipping – Translation/Language Training

Industrial Finishing Systems – Language Training

Electrical Wholesale – Language Training


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