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Translation ServicesIt is not exactly rocket science, but at times there is a direct translation for a particular phrase and at other times… there is not. Expressions can often fail to translate and then different methods of collocation become necessary to make your points succinctly and with impact. Whenever this is required, EGL is ready and waiting with a vast array of tried and tested alternatives to ensure that your fundamental meaning carries over to the target audience. Time can sometimes be required for this, but we have learned to respect time as a valuable commodity and to use it wisely… if not advantageously for and on behalf of our clients.

Websites: Your website is a highly flexible tool that can reach customers anywhere in the world but when it comes to promoting your company in Germany we are here to help you master that endeavour. EGL can create your German website version either from a text document(s) supplied to us by your webmaster or by copying and pasting the text ourselves from an existing version already online. Whichever way the work is undertaken, it will be returned in an easy to associate format that can be readily deployed into its correct location on the new pages that you wish to publish on the internet.

Covering letters, References, Follow-Ups and difficult situations can be easily addressed using EGL’s document writing facilities and expertise. We also prepare CV’s, testimonials and obituaries and just about every other text document you could possibly think of or ever require.

Sales/Technical Information: There is a big difference between the writing styles required in providing Sales and/or Technical Information to customers but at EGL we are masters in the use and choice of appropriate wording. So whether your client is (hypothetically) a nuclear physicist, a layman, a sceptic or just plain intransigent, we can adopt the appropriate ‘silver tongue’ that will bring the required clarity.

Contracts: Contracts and written agreements, based on German or UK Judicial Law, present no problem to EGL and we are able to format these quickly, such that the principle requirements of a transaction are clearly brought to account and can therefore be made legally binding between the parties. For more complex legal documents we liase with and take advice from an appropriate legal expert in that field.

Legal/Accounting: There are times when things occasionally don’t quite (for whatever reason) go to plan and people feel far from happy with the situation. Money and reputation is at stake and sometimes… totally at risk. For reasons of equal importance, a carefully worded ‘to the point’ letter or succession of communications, can lead to a mutually acceptable solution OR be the prerequisite and necessary action for a more formal procedure involving a presiding court in the local jurisdiction.

Proof Reading:
For clients who register an account with EGL, we offer a ‘proof reading’ service for documents that have been created by themselves. We can make simple corrections and/or offer suggestions for the improvement of wording, as and when is necessary.

Telephone Briefing: For clients who register an account with EGL, we offer an ‘on demand & on the phone’ service providing two useful options. Critical points in documents can be translated and clarified verbally for prompt addressing by our clients OR appropriate wording for critical detail can be offered verbally for clients to include in their own communications or text writing.

Speeches: A good speech (even a short one) can often be highly effective and impressionable, particularly when it is made by a non-native speaker for the benefit of an overseas host or guests. EGL is experienced in creating such worded formats, conveying positive facts, gratitude and humour between different languages. We also offer vocal coaching to assist you with the delivery of your prepared speech. This is one service that we feel we can even offer to our clients in their native language as well!

Literature is a personal passion for several of our writers… safe to say… there is a rather unsurprising and exuberant willingness to work on the translation of a full manuscript at EGL. Our clients will experience a perseverance and ardour from us, that is equal to the zeal and dedication with which the authors themselves were driven, during the time the book was being written.

Presentations: Making a presentation can be daunting enough without having to deliver it in a foreign language. EGL can assist clients in two very important ways to resolve this potential dilemma. We can either work with you on the best choice of vocabulary for your personal style and professional subject and then provide you with some vocal training in advance OR why not let us make the presentation for you and be your powerful voice on the day (supported by your Representative for the Q & A session of course!!)

Audio & Video Services: At EGL we are able to create, edit and insert audio ‘voice-overs’ for Sales and Training videos etc. and provide mastered video or audio files for use in other applications eg; announcements, advertising or for streaming/download online. We are able to offer a wide range of accents, should it be necessary, and can attend to any required video shooting and editing projects for our clients.

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